Drew proposed on our 4 year (dating) anniversary.  We woke up to an icy morning in our little rent house in Keller, Texas.  I was surprised that Drew volunteered to drive us to the grocery store because of the ice.  We returned with stuff to make breakfast burritos and had a yummy breakfast.  I wondered if we might get engaged today but Drew was acting pretty normal.  We got ready for the day and all of a sudden our door bell rang.  We weren’t expecting anyone but Drew insisted I get the door (now I thought this was a little weird because Drew always answers the door).  I answered the door and my college roommate and Drew’s college roommate (who happen to also be married) are standing there with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and cameras in hand.  They had flown in from California (now I knew something was going on).  Before I even have a chance to say hello Drew is telling me to give them a tour of the house (ok, now he is acting strange).  When we get to the study Drew has written a message to me on the computer (very fitting for the computer guy Drew is).  When I finish reading he is down on one knee and pops the question.  Before I can answer, he says “this is not your ring!!”  Apparently, mine was not ready so he had a temporary setting but he was so worried about that he didn’t even let me answer!  Something I found out later was Drew had been very nervous, he had picked up the ring the day before and had to hide it in our house that night.  I, as usual, hit the sack early the night before and Drew told his friends he felt like Frodo guarding the ring.  Below are a few pictures snapped by Matt and Bryn.

Afterwards the four of us headed for a nice lunch at Pappasitos in Dallas.  On the way I called all of our family and close friends to share the news.  When we arrived lo and behold all of those people I was phoning were sitting there waiting at Pappasitos.  Drew’s other close friends had drove up from San Antonio and Laura and D drove down from Oklahoma.  Both of our parents and Drew’s sister where there for the festivities:

After a great lunch we headed back to our house where the party continued.  It was a great time with family and close friends and we enjoyed a BBQ meal for dinner:

Here are some of our favorite engagement pictures:

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  1. Linda Maughan
    Posted April 4, 2012 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    I enjoyed going through your engagement pictures. Seems so long ago – I liked the way Drew’s hair looked – longer I think. What a wonderful day that was. He looked so young and scared. You just plain looked like you were having a wonderful engagement day.

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