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38 Weeks

Little do I know, but this will be my last week pregnant!!  Which is good because I am really uncomfortable and not sleeping AT ALL.  I can not hold Claire because my belly gets in the way and every move I make is painful. Being goofy:

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A Nursery for Baby #2

With 2.5 weeks to go we finally managed to get Baby A’s nursery all done!  I am really happy with how it turned out and actually like it better than Claire’s nursery!  We are re-using all the furniture that was in Claire’s room but my parents bought us new bedding as this baby may be […]

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Reflections from this Pregnancy (36 Weeks)

As this pregnancy draws to a close (currently 36 weeks) I realize that I haven’t blogged near as much about it as I did when I was pregnant with Claire.  This time around I feel like I had a totally different pregnancy.  In a lot of ways it was better but having Claire to run […]

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34 Weeks

Well this was more like 34.5 weeks 🙂

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Things that Pop

On June 8, my good friends Alex and Shelby threw me a small baby shower to celebrate baby #2.  It was so nice of them.  The theme was “things that pop,” so there was popcorn, balloons, and of course – me!  Very low key (no presents or anything) just a family get together at the […]

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31 Weeks

Back when I was 31 weeks pregnant…

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Hello out there

Sometimes I just disappear from blog land for a while and then I have a million things to post about when I come back to it!!  So since I haven’t blogged in about a month I do have a lot of things to tell you about!  Keep checking back as I will be trying to […]

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25 and 27 Week Pregnancy Photos

I started my 28th week which means I am officially in the home stretch!!  I am excited to be starting my third, and final, trimester but also nervous.  I know it is going to be many weeks of being severely uncomfortable!!  I had my gestational diabetes and anemia test at my last doctors appointment and […]

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21 Weeks

Over half way there!!  WOOOOHOOOOO Besides the fact that Claire, Drew, and I have been passing viruses back and forth for the last month, the pregnancy is running smoothly.  When I am not down with a virus I find I have good energy and overall feel well.  I do have to limit what I do because my […]

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Pregnancy Update

I am now 19 weeks and things are moving fairly quickly!  Next week we have our big ultrasound which we are excited about!  We are planning on being surprised on the gender this go round so we hope we don’t accidentally see something on the ultrasound!  This weekend we have been working on getting Claire new furniture […]

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