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Swimming Lessons

Claire has been doing swim lessons the last two weeks.  We went Monday-Thursday for a two week session.  I can’t believe how much improvement she made in such a short time.  She started off really scared of getting splashed or going underwater.  She is still not the biggest fan of either of these but doesn’t […]

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Father’s Day

Well I can’t speak for Drew but I think our Father’s Day Weekend was pretty fun!  It turned out different than we had planned but it was still a great weekend.  We had planned to go camping at Rifle Gap State Park for Saturday night.  My parents were going to come too and the boys […]

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Things that Pop

On June 8, my good friends Alex and Shelby threw me a small baby shower to celebrate baby #2.  It was so nice of them.  The theme was “things that pop,” so there was popcorn, balloons, and of course – me!  Very low key (no presents or anything) just a family get together at the […]

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A visit from Leeny and Tita

Recently Colleen and her friend Turiya road tripped out to Colorado.  I mentioned in an earlier post that Colleen is actually moving in with us.  They brought some of her stuff out and next week Dan will help her move the rest out.  We are really excited that more and more of our family is […]

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Mish Mash

I hope you are ready for a LONG post of a bunch of random pictures that didn’t fit neatly into a category warranting their own post!  Here we go… Bike ride to REI with Daddy while I was at choir.  Someone didn’t make it… “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…” Claire likes her selfies: Claire […]

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Belleview Park

Over Memorial Day weekend we took Claire down to Belleview Park.  This place is so awesome that we didn’t even get to do all the activities it has to offer.  We totally missed out on the playground but we got to ride the train, go to the petting zoo, and splash around in the river […]

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Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day this year was the best (not that I have had too many to compare to yet but I really had the greatest day with my little family).  It started off with breakfast in bed.  I think this is a treat anytime but it is a super treat when you are pregnant and you wake […]

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Hello out there

Sometimes I just disappear from blog land for a while and then I have a million things to post about when I come back to it!!  So since I haven’t blogged in about a month I do have a lot of things to tell you about!  Keep checking back as I will be trying to […]

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Claire Funnies

Claire has been working on her language skills big time!!  Literally, everyday she says several new things that always amaze us.  She listens to EVERYTHING we say!  Here are some funny stories and words that we get a kick out of! Everything is now done by “self,” she wants to try it out on her […]

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A little of this, a little of that

On your mark, get set, go!  With Reagan at Sloan’s Lake: Claire made this all by herself and called it “elephoo” (elephant).  We thought she did a pretty good job!   Giving Annie a bath with dad: Playing at Discovery Park: Tis a hard life: Claire’s first “selfie:”

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