Some time ago…

…these pictures were taken.

It is my goal this week to try to get caught up on my blog.  I am putting this in writing in hopes that it keeps me accountable because I have fun pictures to post.  Life with two is HECTIC!!!  I feel like I am busy from sun up to sun down with no time for anything.  If I have any spare time it usually involves eating, showering, or napping.

So these were taken 4 or 5 weeks ago, can’t remember exactly!

This was Amelia’s first meal out – Thai food that dad spilled on her while she was sleeping.  We were laughing about it and then Claire thought it would be funny to put noodles in her hair too.  She was cracking up about it.


Claire hanging out in Georgetown:

 IMG_5204 IMG_5216

Claire’s last gymnastics class.  We un-enrolled her after August.  The weekend classes were not good and Claire was getting bored with them.  Hopefully when Amelia gets a little older we can start Claire back up on the weekday classes.

IMG_5274 IMG_5276 IMG_5278

At Sunflower farms with Grandma and Papa:


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