First Day of Preschool and 2.5 Year Old Update

My little girl is growing up!!  She started preschool two mornings a week at the beginning of September.  She goes Monday/Wednesday from 9-11:30.  Her school is Kids Discovery Days and is about 10 minutes from our house and is a co-op.  We love it!  Since it is a co-op we have to volunteer in her classroom and bring snack once a month.  I had my first volunteer day last week and it was so much fun.  I was amazed at how nicely the kids interacted together.  Claire loves the other little girl in her class, Mae.  They wanted to hold hands and sit by each other for every activity!

Her school has a couple sessions of free play time, arts and crafts, snack, outdoor play, music class, and circle time.  They fit a lot into those 2.5 hours!  She has only been going for 3 weeks now and drop off is still an issue.  She cries every time!  Her teacher, Ms. Suzanne, says she calms down within 20 minutes.  She is always smiling by the time I pick her up and says she wants to go back!  I think one of her favorite things about school is her new doggy backpack (that she picked out).

She also got to go to the store and pick out an entire new outfit for the first day.  The shoes are a funny story.  The week before we had all gone to the shoe store so Drew and Colleen could buy some new tennies.  We told Claire she was going to get some new shoes soon too.  She talked about it non stop until I finally got her to Nordstrom.  On the way there, she said she wanted “bike-e” shoes.  It took me a minute to figure out she was saying she wanted Nike’s like Dad and Leenie got!!  She did end up with her own pair of “bike-e’s”

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She is getting really good at singing her ABCs.  She also really likes to sing Happy Birthday.  One of the highlights of my 30th was Claire saying “Happy Birthday Mommy” with no prompting!  We will hear her in her room singing one of the aforementioned songs, she loves to belt out a tune!  Other favorites include: Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and Take me out to the Ball Game.  This summer we worked a lot on counting to 10 and our ABCs.  It is really cute because most of the time her alphabet goes “A,B,C,D,E,F,G, 8 (which sounds like H), 9, 10, 7, 8, 9, 10.”  Her numbers are 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 7, 8, 9, 10!  She wins on consistency!

Her mastery of the English language has grown leaps and bounds.  She says the funniest things!!  She is starting to use pronouns but still gets them mixed up “daddy hold you.”  She also really likes using probably, maybe, and actually.  “actually get three books” “mommy probably get milk.”  She has also picked up “Claire drive mom CRAZY” or “Claire nuts” or “Silsy (silly) momma”

She still is refusing to potty train.  We try to get her to sit on the potty all the time but she just refuses.  She definitely is aware enough to start.  She will tell you when she has a wet diaper.  Or she will walk over to a corner and I will ask her what she is going to do.  (Waving her hand) “Go away Mama, poopin'” Followed quickly by “new diaper mama.”  She likes to take her own diaper off and pull the wipe out and wipe.  Then roll the diaper up and, if she has a pull up, put the new diaper on herself to.  Ya, this kid should be ready to potty train.  She is SO stubborn though.  I have tried keeping her diaper off because I had heard that if they don’t have a diaper on they are more willing to go on the potty.  She will throw a complete tantrum to get a new diaper when she needs to go and absolutely refuse to try to go in the potty.  Then as soon as you put her in a diaper she will pee and request a clean one!

She has recently became very interested in Princesses.  She picked out a princess dress at Costco for her Halloween outfit this year and insists on wearing it (with crown and wand) everyday.  I will be very surprised if the costume makes it to Halloween.  It has already gotten ripped.

Claire goes to bed between 8-9:30 (goal is 8, doesn’t always happen) and wakes up between 6:45-8:30.  She takes one nap.  We try to have her in her room by 1:30-2 where we read some books and sing songs.  After we leave she usually plays for a half hour to an hour before falling asleep and sleeping from 3-5.  This would be a nice time for exhausted mom to sneak in a nap but Amelia has a complete opposite schedule.  She naps all morning and then wakes up around 1 and is ready to play.  UGH

Eating is still hit or miss.  If she is hungry and in the mood for what you have served she eats great.  Otherwise, not so much.  Lunch is her worst meal, dinner her best.  Breakfast depends on the day.  Vanilla yogurt is the usual no fail item to serve.  She still loves french fries more than anything, with the exception of ice cream.

She has all of her teeth in, getting her last two molars in August.

Moods have been challenging these days.  If she is in an un-agreeable mood you better watch out!  She will refuse to do anything you ask and scream/whine/cry nonstop.  Nothing seems to make her happy when she gets to this point.  I have to put her in time out until she can calm herself down.  The terrible twos are aptly named.  The toddler stage is extremely exhausting and trying.

Some Claire funnies:

Pointing to Amelia’s new paci clip – “pretty cool paci”

Mom asks Claire if she wants milk.  Response: “No, princess wants milk!”

Pointing to the dent in the back of the car “uh oh, daddy take keys” (I had jokingly said the day before that Drew was going to take my keys away since I have had two accidents in four months)

If Amelia is crying: “I know, I know, mommy pick you up” or “its okay milna, mommy feed you”

Out to lunch with Leenie, Claire gets in a mood and starts biting the table.  Colleen tells her to stop because the table is dirty so she decides to bite Colleen.  When she is told that was not nice she says, “Sorry Leenie, sorry table”

When asked if she has a poopy diaper, “no, not yet”

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