Last Weekend as an “Only”

Claire should have had one more weekend to be an only child but the weekend that turned out to be her last was perfect!!  We had such a good time hanging out with our numero uno!  Check out what all we did!

Saturday morning we headed over to Sloan’s Lake to feed the ducks and geese.  Claire had never done this before but we had a lot of old bread and Colleen suggested this.  Boy it was a good idea, Claire thought it was so much fun!

2013-07-13 10.56.42 2013-07-13 10.57.34 2013-07-13 10.59.54

(Yes, I realize it is July and she is dressed for Fall.  Some battles are not worth fighting)

2013-07-13 11.06.04

2013-07-13 10.56.50

Then, of course, she wanted to play at the park for a few minutes:

2013-07-13 11.25.09

Sunday we headed over to the Botanic Gardens and Alexander met us to play!  We played in the children’s garden stream for a long time then headed over to the main gardens for a picnic lunch.  These two just always have a blast together!

2013-07-14 12.07.29 2013-07-14 12.07.32 2013-07-14 12.07.42 2013-07-14 12.13.48 2013-07-14 12.13.49 2013-07-14 12.13.51 2013-07-14 12.17.43 2013-07-14 12.17.47 IMG_0790

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