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Well I know we haven’t had one of these posts in QUITE some time!  But since I have finally made it out of my first trimester food is starting to once again sound more and more appealing (YAY).  And since I now have more energy we have finally gotten back to cooking.  We probably ate out 95% of our meals from week 5-13 because I was so tired and so nauseous.  Cooking did not make it to the top of the priority pole!

So a few of these are just pictures to give you some ideas.  Either I made them so long ago I forgot where I got the recipe or I didn’t think it was worth saving!


What is it?  Good question, refer to above statement.  I think it is some kind of ground turkey potato bake


What is it? Roasted Brussel Sprouts.  SO DELIC!  Really easy too!



What is it?  Biscuits (GF) and Gravy.

Substitutions:  I didn’t have shortening so I used veggie oil.  The gravy was just a mix I had bought at the store.


What is it? Macaroni and Cheese and French Onion Soup.  Neither of these recipes turned out stellar but my pregnant self craves this combination!


What is it?  Salmon with a Dijon Dill Sauce, Roasted Balsamic Sweet Potatoes, Japanese Cucumber Salad.  ALL WERE FABULOUS!!  The cucumber salad is going to move up to one of my new favorite, easy side dishes!  Drew doesn’t care for salmon so we did a grilled chicken for him and topped it with the dijon dill sauce.

Substitutions: I don’t eat sugar so for the sweet potatoes I subbed 1/2 T agave and for the cucumbers 1/2 T agave.








You can probably tell we are excited about this next one judging by the number of photos we took!!

What is it? Homemade Sweet and Spicy Pickles

Our pickles still have a week left in the jar before we can sample them but I can hardly wait.  I have been the typical pregnant person this go round and have CRAVED pickles like crazy!  I have wanted some sweet and spicy ones but I couldn’t find any at Whole Foods or Sprouts and the ones at the regular grocery store all had high fructose corn syrup in them (YUCK, you know I’m not eating that!)  SO, I decided to try my hand in making some on my own!  I will report back on if they turned out good!  I told Drew that maybe next year we will try to grow our own cucumbers too!


What is it?  Cranberry and Walnut Baked Brie

Yes, yes, pregnant people aren’t supposed to have brie.  I found a pasteurized brie and decided it would be ok.  If I made this again I would make my own cranberries (I used a can).  I didn’t look at the label when I bought it and when I tasted it there was just too much sugar in it.  Since I rarely eat sugar, I really can’t stand things that are too sweet now!


What is it?  Ribs, Baked Beans, and Lemon Garlic Brussel Sprouts

I have blogged about this bean recipe and the homemade BBQ sauce before (here is the page for recipe reference and substitutions)

The Ribs are my dad’s recipe but I don’t think we cooked them long enough.  They weren’t falling off the bone like his usually are so I will wait to post that recipe until we perfect it!

I posted the recipe for the Brussel Sprouts but I would make some amendments the next time around.  The lemon garlic seasoning was great on them but the method of cooking did not work for us.  Our sprouts did not get cooked and they were still hard.  I would refer to the brussel sprout recipe at the top of this post for cooking directions and use the seasonings from this guy.


What is it?  Just a comfort food meal idea for ya!  Grilled cheese and onion on GF bread and a can of Amy’s Tomato Basil Soup.  Easy, warm, and good!


What is it? Mini Quiche Lorraine

Substitutions: 1/8 t agave for the sugar.  I also made my own crust so it would be GF.  The crust had a great consistency for this type of dish but I did not care for it.  If you like using coconut oil you may so I went ahead and posted the link to the recipe.  I really do not like coconut flavoring and every time I try a recipe that uses it I am disappointed.  I also used Amaranth flour for the first time in these crusts and found it to be to “earthy” tasting for my liking.

I made a GF crust for a pie earlier this year that I loved but seemed to have misplaced that recipe.  Oh well, I guess I will keep on the hunt for the perfect crust substitute!



What is it? Sausage, Risotto, and Acorn Squash

Sausage was just some we bought from sprouts and the risotto recipe was kind of bland but the squash.  Best.Squash.Recipe.Ever.  I highly recommend it!

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    Those pickles look amazing and the fact your pregnant isn’t lost on me when I write that. I’m a huge Brussels sprouts fan too. Glad you liked the sweet potatoes. Good to know the agave works well.

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