Tour de Fat

Last weekend was jam packed with fun.  Saturday, we headed over to City Park to go to New Belgium Breweries “Tour de Fat.”  It was our first time going but we are looking forward to next year already.  Our friends told us to dress up, so we did – conservatively.  Drew wore a funky tie and I wore some fairy wings – we were way underdressed.  Next year, we will have to do some advanced planning to better fit in!  We toured the New Belgium Brewery when we went up to Ft. Collins in the Spring (need a refresher?) and this is their annual carnival style festival that they travel to several cities around the country.  After the original festival in Ft. Collins the weekend before the show hits the road with Denver being its first stop.  There were three stages of live music, shows, competitions, and wacky bike inspired inventions everywhere.  They did a circus show that Claire was pretty interested in.  Definitely something there for all ages!

We met at our friends home that live near City Park and biked over.  If you are not familiar, New Belgium Brewery is a very bike-based culture.

 Right when we got there Drew and Kevin hopped in a “Slow Ride” competition.  Although they were not crowned victors it was entertaining to watch!

 The victor won the snazzy belt:

 Shelby and Alexander:

 Playing some game where you try to get a tire over the top of the pole.

 Shelby, Jen, Brandon, and Nora:

 Notice not only the “bike/fan” contraption but the banana being fanned 🙂  The most outrageous (and I would say inappropriate) outfit we saw was a heavy lady wearing a tutu and stickers for pasties.  Yep, that was it.  Most of the costumes were ridiculous but at least not completely offensive!

 One of the workers.  How fun would it be to travel the country for a couple months and drink beer and party!  Cool job!

 Who wore the orange and black tights better?  My vote is on Claire!

 New Belgium tire treads:

 So, after a few beers, my fun loving husband decided to go into the crazy bike inventions pit.  Him and Brandon waited in a long line to be able to ride all these wacky bikes.  I, of course, thought it looked too dangerous:

drunk people + bikes = crashes

 This bike was three bikes with only the back wheel so you really had to trust your fellow riders!

 Drew and Brandon:

 The shoe bike!

 After our fun day in the sun, we thought Claire would go home and take a nice nap but I think she was too wound up.  It probably didn’t help that we were at the festival during her regular nap time.  So, we headed over to Stoney’s to meet up with the Sooner Club of Colorado.  We ate dinner and watched the first half of the game before the littlest Sooner had had enough!




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  1. Linda Maughan
    Posted September 15, 2012 at 1:14 pm | Permalink

    Looks like so much fun. Claire just rolls with the flow. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for costumes next year!

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