Easter Weekend – Ft. Collins

We had a jam packed Easter weekend so to avoid my blog telling me I have reached my picture limit I am breaking it up into three posts.

On Friday we headed up north to explore Ft. Collins.  We have live here three years but had never made it up.  What a fun town!  We ate lunch at a deli near CSU called Pickle Barrel and then walked around the area, taking a brief stop to play in the beautifully maintained lawns at CSU.



Next stop was to the New Belgium Brewery.  We didn’t make a reservation to go on a tour so we figured we would just go hang out at the bar for a bit but we lucked into some people not showing up so we got to take the tour anyway!  We always love brewery tours and I actually found a beer I liked!  It tasted like a raspberry tea.  I don’t like how full beer makes you feel though.  I think I will stick to my wine!


Proof – that is yours truly holding a beer


 Our tour guide was really awesome, we found out that he was a part owner later in the day.  He was supposed to pour everyone’s beverage but instead gave a lesson on a proper pour and then let everyone have a shot.

So the numbers are kind of hard to read but they say 120406081 1553.  Every beer has a set of these numbers.  120406 refers to the date the beer was made.  081 is the tank it came from and 1553 was the time it was bottled.  This beer was bottled on 04/06/2012 at 3:45 pm.  Hey!  We were there on 04/06 and the time we drank the beer was 4:30 pm!  Pretty cool, 45 minute old beer!

New Belgium Brewery is known for the end of their tour – the slide.  It was super steep and actually seemed kind of dangerous, but it was oh so fun!  I went down first but nixed the idea of Claire going down.  I know, what a party pooper!


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