Matthews/Winter Park Trail

We had an excellent Saturday with a hike and lunch with friends.  We drove out to Golden to hike and we met our friends.  He is an old co-worker of Drew’s and She is a SAHM of a super handsome 11 month old!  When I was on maternity leave Shelby and I would go on walks together with the kids and she was the key to my sanity!  (No Joke)  I look forward to MANY more fun outings with you guys!!!

Leaving the parking lot – Claire is wearing her hiker girl outfit again.  I think we are going to get good use out of this one 🙂

The boys (and Claire)

We lost a hiker to exhaustion early on, but she woke up the second half and just talked and talked.  We forgot to bring Wendy and Libby’s water bowl and it was so hot.  There wasn’t any water on the trail (I know how cruel are we, please don’t call the humane society on us!)  We tried sharing our water by cupping it in our hands but it didn’t work to well.

As we got further in there were some really pretty red rocks.  The hike was a loop that was a little over 4.5 miles total

And she’s back!

Claire really enjoyed seeing what all tricks the “big kid” could do.

After the hike we went and used our groupon at Highlands Tap and Burger.  We were all starving so the food and drinks were just what we needed.  Claire slept for a while but when she got up she was ready to play more with Alexander.

This picture is kind of dark but I just love how everyone is laughing!

“Hey, pay attention to me!”

I mean seriously, look at that face!

Everyone was exhausted when we got home.  Claire feel asleep almost immediately but then Wendy started barking and woke her up.  We were so mad because we were looking forward to some relaxing but instead we got to do some entertaining!  We played some and did our best to keep her up until her regular bedtime of 7.  She was so fussy because she was just worn out!

7pm bottle and off to la-la land she goes!  Drew and I headed down to watch the new series we have gotten into (Mad Men, and yes we are aware that it came out a while ago but we only watch netflix streaming).  Off to relax!!!

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    Awesome! We loooove Mad Men!

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